UPCOMING: Björk – Crystalline



Björk, who is a pixie from Iceland, and who is pictured on the right making a pixie spell, is putting together a new album.

It will be released in at least 17 billion formats including an iPhone app for each note and a vinyl edition made of jelly tots. It is called Biophilia. We suffer from all sorts of philia-type conditions; Björkophilia, for instance. We’re comforted to know she does too. 

The first slice-of-a-slice of Biophilia has been played through a car radio in Iceland. There was a camera in the car at the time, which made a video recording. And there was a message from Björk. Björk said: “Hi, Björk here. I guess it’s time to let you know about my first song from ‘Biophilia’, ‘Crystalline’. It will appear towards end of June.” 

The video clip, which lasts for 30 seconds, is below. Press play and, through the windscreen, you will see that there is Icelandic terrain. You will also see that, in the driving seat, is the driver. The driver is Björk.

This is amazing because:

1. Björk drives. We did not know this. But we love her for it. We actually thought she hovered on a cloud of pixie dust, but no. She’s a normal person who drives.

2. Björk HAS A NEW ALBUM OUT SOON. Actually we did know this. But it’s so lovely to write it. So lovely it has to be done again. BJÖRK HAS A NEW ALBUM OUT SOON.

Anyway. Crystalline is the song that is playing on the car radio. It is to be released as a single in late June. There’s not a date (yet); having an actual release date for a single would be just too normal. You can probably pin her down to some Manchester International Festival dates though, if you snoop around a bit.

Meantime, feast thy retinae ici:

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