Video: Depeche Mode – Wrong

Everybody of an '80s ilk is either reforming (Spandau Ballet) or bringing out best-of compilations (Erasure, Annie Lennox) or announcing comebacks (Michael Jackson). Meanwhile everybody from the '00s wants to be from the '80s (Frankmusik, La Roux).

Well. Also FROM THE '80s, but like Pet Shop Boys still going at it hammer and tongs, Basildon boys Depeche Mode are prepping our lugs for a new album, Sounds Of The Universe, and tour dates at arenas up and down the land. And Messrs Gahan and Gore still sound as filthy as ever.

The video for the new album's lead single, Wrong, is below. Maybe you're one of the million or so viewers who've already caught it. All we can say is, if Patrick Wolf reckons he's into S&M, he should get a look at this…


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