Video: Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses

You’ve heard the rumours about a change of direction for Franz Ferdinand‘s third album, Tonight, their first in nearly four years? Xenomania were involved on the production side – this will mean lots to Girls Aloud fans – although their cuts didn’t make it in the end.

There’s even been suggestions that Franz will be the latest band to look to Africa for inspiration after Basseyou Kouyaké played ngoni on one song at an Africa Express show.  Whether the Malian master will appear on the album or not, Alex Kapranos reckons it’s “a bit friendlier for the dance floor”. 

Ahead of the album release on 26th January, check out first slice Ulysses’ official video below.

They play at Edinburgh’s Picture House on Wednesday 14th January and at London’s Heaven on 20th January. As a hint of what’s to come, they’ve recorded a live version of Ulysses too.

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