X-Files Movie Title Announced

Just a quick note for fans of dour expressions and long fawn trenchcoats: mid-90s paranoia is back this summer and, despite the odds that it’ll seem pretty irrelevant now that the millenium’s long gone, we’ve all got the chance to relieve the jangly electronic chords and spooky lighting of the X-Files with the release of a new film in August.

The news of the film has been around for a while but the title was only released today. Fans will remember the subheading from a poster in super-credulous FBI agent Fox Mulder’s basement office: The X-Files: I Want To Believe.

Series creator Chris Carter assures us that this isn’t a sequel and it doesn’t tie into the show’s long-running mythology: it’s meant to be open and accessible to all. That said, the idea that it’ll tie up and stand on its own seems pretty unlikely…

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