BBC Proms reviews

Proms 2020 Live: LSO / Uchida / Rattle @ Royal Albert Hall, London

by Barry Creasy

A programme of contrasts in the latest Live BBC Prom. Barry Creasy explains

Proms 2020 Live: The Symphonic Organ @ Royal Albert Hall, London

by Barry Creasy

The BBC Proms are finally underway. Barry Creasy was there (virtually)

First Night of the BBC Proms 2020

by Barry Creasy

The BBC Proms are back. Barry Creasy tells us they’re anything but ordinary this year

Preview: BBC Proms 2020

by Barry Creasy

The BBC Proms this year will be like no other. Barry Creasy gives us a preview

Prom 31: Philharmonia Orchestra / Salonen @ Royal Albert Hall, London

by Barry Creasy

Brahms’ Variations on the St Anthony Chorale is the composer’s doff of the cap to Haydn. The harmonic world, certainly, is richer and more chromatic than ever Haydn would have countenanced, but the form of...

Preview: BBC Proms 2019

by Barry Creasy

2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Henry Wood, the founder-conductor of the Proms, and the man who initiated the concert series’ link with the BBC. The BBC’s press release for this year’s...

Preview: BBC Proms 2018

by Barry Creasy

It would not be at all surprising to see a Tricolore flying over the Royal Albert Hall this summer, and for the usual rendition of The National Anthem on the Last Night to be replaced...

Roundup: BBC Proms 2016

by Sam Smith

Every year when the Proms schedule is released in April there seem to be cries of excitement and expressions of disappointment in almost equal measure. On this occasion, however, it appears as if even those...

Preview: BBC Proms 2016

by Sam Smith

With the return of Haydn, Wagner and Bruckner, the retention of Beethoven and Mahler, a healthy dose of opera and some notable innovations concerning performance spaces, the BBC Proms look set to make the summer...

Retrospective: BBC Proms 2015

by Barry Creasy

As this season’s BBC Proms came to a close, it seemed that a retrospective look at them was in order – some thoughts on the season beyond the individual pieces and performances. In this article,...

Prom 23: BBC SSO / Runnicles @ Royal Albert Hall, London

by Barry Creasy

Semyon Bychkov’s 2011 interpretation of Verdi’s Requiem for the Proms set a high standard in terms of subtlety of performance, and Donald Runnicles and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra made a strong bid, last night,...

Preview: BBC Proms 2015

by Melanie Eskenazi

The 2015 season is the 120th anniversary of the world’s largest and longest-running music festival, with 92 concerts over two months. As ever, the programme choices lead to heated debate, ranging from ‘WTF? Dance music...

Preview: BBC Proms 2014

by Melanie Eskenazi

The promotional photo chosen to launch the 2014 BBC Proms season must have been the result of quite a few discussions between PR people: “Yeah, right, no, magic.” They finally came up with Hot Violinist,...

Preview: BBC Proms 2013

by Melanie Eskenazi

This year’s Proms Festival continues the tradition of bringing the best of classical music to the widest possible audience

Preview: BBC Proms 2012

by Melanie Eskenazi

This had to be a special Proms season, and so it is

Prom 44: Philharmonia Orchestra/Salonen @ Royal Albert Hall, London

by MusicOMH

Prom 44 saw the return of the Philharmonia Orchestra to the Royal Albert Hall to play an all-Russian programme under Esa-Pekka Salonen. The first half concentrated solely on the work of Shostakovich, opening with his...

Preview: BBC Proms 2011

by Melanie Eskenazi

Probably the biggest event on earth for classical music

Prom 51: Swedish Chamber Orchestra/Dausgaard @ Royal Albert Hall, London

by Anne Ozorio

Nina Stemme may have been the big draw, but Schumann was the real star in this lively Prom, conducted by Thomas Dausgaard. Dausgaard conducted luminous Sibelius, Ligeti and Langgaard with the Swedish National Orchestra in...

Prom 35: DNSO/Dausgaard @ Royal Albert Hall, London

by Sam Smith

Denmark has been making quite a splash at the Proms over the past few seasons. Last year Royal Danish Theatre brought Partenope to the Albert Hall, with tonight’s soloist Inger Dam-Jensen in the title role,...

Prom 24: BBCSSO/Runnicles @ Royal Albert Hall, London

by Keith McDonnell

Mahler’s Symphony No. 3 in D minor is a work of monumental proportions and whilst it may not require the kind of forces that his 2nd or 8th symphonies require, its length (the longest single...

Preview: BBC Proms 2010

by Ben Hogwood

The impression with the 2010 BBC Proms is that Roger Wright is really hitting his stride as director. Three years in, he is now able to more fully impose his ideas on the season –...