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We receive lots of emails about writing for musicOMH. If we haven’t responded to you within three weeks of your original enquiry, feel free to contact us again. We only go through new writer applications a couple of times a year, so please don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive an immediate response.

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Our features strands include:

  • This Music Made Me, in which established artists tell us about the albums that influenced them most
  • Track-By-Track, in which established artists tell us about their new releases ahead of release date, sometimes accompanied by a stream of the release
  • Why I Started…, in which individuals from across the music business tell us how they began doing what they do
  • One For Keeps, in which our writers wax lyrical about an album that will always be dear to them
  • Introducing…, in which we introduce a new or breaking act by means of a quickfire Q&A
  • Spotlight, in which we look in depth at an album, artist or event series, or anything else music releated (film, book…) often as a means of covering reissues, anniversaries or reunions
  • Preview, in which we preview festivals, seasons, and other matters for which a ‘pre’ works
  • List, in which we, um, list things for whimsical ‘reasons’

We are always keen to hear pitches and suggestions for columns, one-off feature specials and one-off writers of a singular kind.


We review albums ahead of their UK release date, and write more album reviews than any other article type. If your album has no prospect of a UK release date, is a compilation, or is not readily available to buy, it is unlikely to be reviewed. The vast majority of what we cover comes to us from artist representatives at PR companies and labels; we do not usually consider direct submissions.

We prefer to receive albums as downloads or, if necessary, CDs. To alert us about an upcoming album that you think we should be covering, contact us on Please include the album download URL. If you’d like to send us a CD instead, contact us for a postal address.

We cannot write about everything we are sent, but we do our best to cover releases that are of interest to the editor, at least one of our writers and, we hope, our readers.

We run a monthly reissues column. If your album is a reissue, it may be considered for that. Drop us a line in the calendar month before its release on the address above.

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We are not currently covering tracks, EPs, videos or singles.


We review gigs and festivals. We preview festivals in London, the UK and across Europe. To tell us about a showcase, a tour, a festival, or anything else that involves live music, or to invite us to review live music events of any kind in London, the UK and beyond, contact

Classical and Opera

Send press releases and enquiries to the Classical Editor on