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Interview: Dee Dee

Dee Dee

Dee Dee

Belgian trance diva Dee Dee scored a Europe-wide hit in the summer of 2002 with Forever, and is a close associate of fellow trance heads Ian Van Dahl.

The statuesque lady is currently recording her debut album. We caught up with her to get the lowdown on her favourite things – for Christmas and beyond…

musicOMH: Of all the things that have happened this year, which do you find is most memorable?
Dee Dee: Actually it was a whole memorable year for me. I did a lot of gigs and I toured all over the world, and that gave me the opportunity to see different countries, which I normally don’t get to see.

musicOMH: If you were awarding a prize for Person Of The Year, who would win?
Dee Dee: Definitely my colleague Anne Mie Coenen of Ian Van Dahl. I think she’s a very strong person, and I think for sure she would be the right person to win that award!

musicOMH: What’s happened this year in Belgium that’s been memorable for you?
Dee Dee: That would be a big TV show I did, not far from home. It was so great cause all my friends where there on the front row supporting me! It gives a great feeling knowing that all my friends are still there for me.

musicOMH: What does Christmas make you think of?
Dee Dee: A lot of presents! No, I still think Christmas is something you have to celebrate with your family and also with a big Christmas tree, a lot of food, and it definitely would be great to see some snowflakes falling through my window! I like the ways the streets are decorated in Christmas time, it gives me a comfortable feeling.

musicOMH: Which song most reminds you of Christmas and why?
Dee Dee: That would be Last Christmas by Wham. Just because it’s a song I used to hear a lot in Christmas-time, when I was younger, and it gives me a special Christmas feeling.

musicOMH: Which Christmas song do you most despise/love the most and for what reason?
Dee Dee: I really don’t like White Christmas by Bing Crosby, because I think it’s boring. The song I love the most is All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey. I think it’s a fantastic song!

musicOMH: And which ones would you take back to the shop to get your money back?
Dee Dee: I don’t think there is one! My father is a DJ and he keeps all the CDs – even the bad ones…

“I think love and Christmas are two words that fit together.” – Dee Dee

musicOMH: From the past year, which CDs would you most like to receive as Christmas gifts?
Dee Dee: That would be the new album of Laura Pausini, From The Inside.

musicOMH: Which instrument would you most love to receive for Christmas and why?
Dee Dee: Definitely a piano! I’m thinking about taking piano lessons next year.

musicOMH: Where for you is the best place in the world to spend Christmas and/or New Year?
Dee Dee: Oh, I think New York or London is a beautiful place to spend Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. All the lights on the streets, shopping while snowflakes are falling… so romantic!

musicOMH: If you were to record a contender for the Christmas number one, which song would you choose?
Dee Dee: That’s a difficult question – I think there are a lot of beautiful Christmas songs to cover, but if I have to choose one, it would probably be All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey. I think love and Christmas are two words that fit together.

musicOMH: And if it was a collaboration, which artist – dead or alive – would you want to record with, and why?
Dee Dee: Absolutely Celine Dion, because our voices are similar. She’s a great singer, and I’m a big fan of her, and I would be very pleased if I could do a duet with her!

musicOMH: Is there any Christmas song you wish you’d written?
Dee Dee: No, I don’t think so, I think every Christmas song has is own meaning to every artist who wrote it, and I think I couldn’t do better.

musicOMH: Which song would you really like to hear as you are celebrating New Year (except Auld Lang’s Ayne)?
Dee Dee: This year I would really like to hear Scooter‘s Nessaja! I think it’s a fantastic song and it makes you want to dance all night long!

musicOMH: How will you be spending Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve?
Dee Dee: I will spend Christmas Day with my family at home, having dinner, and of course a lot of presents. I don’t know for sure what I’m going to do on New Year’s Eve, normally I go out with all my friends, but if I have to perform, I would be very happy to!

musicOMH: What will you be drinking to see in the New Year?
Dee Dee: It was a great year, so I think it’s worth celebrating with champagne!

musicOMH: Who should we watch out for in 2003 (aside from Dee Dee!)?
Dee Dee: I think Laura Pausini is going to do great in 2003! I really like her new single Surrender and I think it’s going to be her next hit in Europe!

musicOMH: What do you intend to do in 2003 that you haven’t managed to do yet?
Dee Dee: My driving license! I didn’t have much time, but I’ve made a promise that I will go as soon as possible!

musicOMH: What’s next for you musically in 2003?
Dee Dee: We are working on the full album, which will be released in spring 2003, and of course there will first be a new single and a completely new show!

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