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Interview: Pink

“I want to stay as a singer. I don’t want to lose my voice completely.” Pink, ne Alecia Moore, is having trouble adjusting to her new cigarette-free life.

Luckily, she’s got jet-lag, a London hotel room colder than the North Pole, and her beauty routine to distract her.

“I try not to pass out in my make-up,” she says and offers a tip: “Always keep your lips in chapstick.”
This is sound advice from someone who’s about to be “made up” as her idol Janis Joplin, playing the leading role in a biopic based on the legendary late singer’s life. And she doesn’t even need to prepare for it. “I just know everything about her. She was an inspiration to me.”

On her last album, Try This, the song Unwind was written about Joplin, yet it sounds almost autobiographical.

“I don’t know how to depict it,” she says. “I relate to her a lot and I know a lot about her life. She was a white girl singin’ the blues and so was I, and it wasn’t widely accepted. I hide my pain, that’s why I’m always laughing, and she was kind of like that. She was very funny ‘cos she was in a lot of pain.”

Only a huge fan like Pink could portray the part of a torn singer, for she’s been there, done that, but also learned her lessons.

“I hope to survive,” she says. “I don’t want to die at 27. I’ve already been down that road, that dark road, and I’ve come back from it and done really good s**t. So I don’t think I’ll repeat the same mistakes.”

“I want to stay as a singer. I don’t want to lose my voice completely.” – Pink on why she’s given up smoking.

Although we don’t often see her “other” side, Pink gives a glimpse of it in Just Like A Pill.

“That’s part of who I am but I’m not as self-destructive as I used to be. I’ve done it so I’m not curious about it.”

So did the one who sings Trouble get into real trouble in her not-so-distant days of carefree youth?

“I was an idiot. I still am, kind of. Someone said I’m a magnet for that s**t. Whatever. I just like to have fun. F**k rules.”

And that includes the rules of the fame game. That kiss with Madonna could have been her instead of Britney. But the rock ‘n’ rollin’ R ‘n’ B diva pulled out of the famous publicity stunt at last year’s MTV Awards to get away from it all.

“I wanted to go on vacation.”

Right on! Strong and independent-minded, Pink spent much of her formative years hanging out with a bunch of men, including her dad, and learned what really makes tough guys tick. She says that they were the best lessons a girl could have in dealing with the world.

“I think it definitely has a lot to do with that. I was always the only girl, usually looked at as one of the guys, raised by a man who is a complete fighter. I’m not just a bulls**t artist. I’m not here to impress people. I’m here to make a difference.”

“I wanted to go on vacation.” – Pink on why she ducked out of the MTV Awards and snogging Madonna. (Un)lucky Britney…

And she has. In a world full of Barbie-like role models such as Britney and fake toughies like Christina Aguilera, she offers a different voice, one that says it’s okay to be your imperfect self, and admits to having insecurities.

“I’m a girl and I’m human.”

A sentence on her website says it all: “There are leaders and there are followers and it feels really good to be a leader.” She can’t remember ever being a follower “because none of the leaders liked me, so I wasn’t going to follow them. I want to be my own thing.”

Even in her music, she does her own thing, which is why her sound juggles between genres.

“Everyone thought I was crazy for wanting to work with Linda Perry, and now everyone wants to work with her.”

The former 4 Non-Blondes leader was as surprising a collaborator as Rancid singer Tim Armstrong, with whom she worked on his side project, The Transplants.

“It was unlikely – that’s why I liked it, that’s why it made total sense to me. I like to do weird, different s**t.”

And have fun doing it, like cooking:

“When you create s**t, it makes you excited. It’s like cooking a meal. When you make really great macaroni and cheese, you get excited. When you feel like you’re making a great song, it makes you feel like getting out of bed in the morning.”

“I’m not just a bulls**t artist. I’m not here to impress people. I’m here to make a difference.” – Pink lives up to her feisty reputation.

The irrepressible rebel with chameleon locks has been working ever since she was 16. She explains how she’s come a long way since those youthful days:

“I was a different person. On Missundaztood, I was frustrated. I just wanted to break free. I had a lot to get off my chest. On this one, I was more comfortable.”

And on the next?

“I always hope to be the next new thing. I don’t like to repeat myself.”

So is it still Missundaztood or has Pink become Miss Understood?

“I think one will always be misunderstood. That’s the human quest – to be completely understood – but I don’t think it happens. But that’s the charm and beauty of life… I think it would be way too comfortable if you felt understood and everything was fine.”

Britney and Beyonc may have the booty, but Pink’s got the power.

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