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Tim Deluxe: “I’m doing something I love” – Q&A

Tim Deluxe

Tim Deluxe

The smash hit It Just Won’t Do sent DJ and musician Tim Deluxe stratospheric. The Latin-inspired grooves, incessant trumpet loop and Sam Obernik‘s sassy vocal style endeared the song to clubbers and singles buyers alike.

musicOMH caught up with Tim to see how he’s liking success, and to find out what he’s up to next…


musicOMH:How did you start to work with Darren Emerson?
Tim: I found him in a cardboard box asking for fruit gums. Only joking! We met through Darren’s girlfriend Amy Thompson and just hit it off from there. We knew of each other’s work so it was cool.

musicOMH:It Just Won’t Do is one of the tunes of the summer. Rumour has it you turned down major label money for the song. Why have you released it in the way you have, on your own label?
Tim: We did get offered a lot of money for the record, but in the end we decided to do it ourselves because we remain in control and Darren and I were very cautious about how we wanted the record perceived. I didn’t want it to be put out there as a pop record, so staying with Underwater meant we could let it build properly with the help of the cooler DJs.

musicOMH: Are you happy with the reaction the record has received?
Tim: Of course.

musicOMH: How did Sam Obernik become involved?
Tim: I met Sam at my recording studio in London. She was there recording her own album and once I had the track and song finished I thought it might be cool if she could give it a go.

musicOMH: Will you release an album of your own music rather than a mix album?
Tim: Hopefully, at the moment I’m just going into the studio to make some new records so if an album comes out of it then great.

musicOMH: Which aspects of fame have you most and least enjoyed?
Tim: When you’re in demand you get dragged all over the place, which sometimes is cool but after a while it gets to be hard work, but I shouldn’t be moaning because I’m doing something I love.

musicOMH: Do you have a follow-up record in mind and if so, tell us about it?
Tim: I’m just getting into the studio now, so we’ll see over the next month or so what happens.

musicOMH: Who are your favourite DJs?
Tim: Dave Clarke, Darren (Emerson)‘s not bad, Erick Morillo, CJ Macintosh. I also heard a really good DJ when I was in Mykonos – I think his name is Andre P.

musicOMH: Who are your favourite original recording artists?
Tim: Everyone from James Brown to Coldplay to Air to Harry Choo Choo Romero. I’m a music loverrr.

musicOMH: Is there anyone you would hesitate to sample?
Tim: No!

musicOMH: What’s your real name? Why did you choose Tim Deluxe?
Tim: Tim Liken. The Deluxe bit comes from an old nickname that I had but it was D Lux. I wanted to have a kinda hip-hop name, but when I took the DJ-ing seriously I thought I’d change it to Deluxe and it kinda sounded good.

musicOMH: What’s your favourite place for meeting with friends?
Tim: Bars or to go out for some food. I love eating out.

musicOMH: Which place do you like best to DJ in?
Tim: In the UK it’s Shindig, The End, Turnmills. Pacha in Ibiza is amazing and Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos is rocking as well.

musicOMH: What’s your favourite club as a punter?
Tim: The End. I really like the vibe down there.

musicOMH: What do you want to be remembered as / for?
Tim: The guy who gave people some kick ass dance floor moments, and nice bloke.

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