musicOMH’s Best Of 2004 Awards

BEST ALBUM: Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand

A people’s choice band as well as purveyors of sharp-suited art punk chic, Franz Ferdinand have crashed into our collective consciences with a string of smash hits. If there was a riff of the year it would be the one from Take Me Out. And they’ve definitely won Festival anthems of the year with Matinee, Michael and This Fffire. In fact, the Reading Festival is a good indicator of how far they’ve come. Only a year before in 2003 the Glaswegians rocked the tiny Carling Stage. This year they made it on to the Main Stage. That’s at least 300 metres further.

Seriously though, the whole album is packed with their brand of uplifting yet broody music, which is both radio-friendly and underground, melodic and atonal, with more angular posturing than a Cubist painting. Each single has been an event in this year’s calendar. The band are everywhere, but not intrusively so. They’re everywhere because we demand them to be, and they willingly oblige.

Honourable Mentions:

Ed Harcourt – Strangers
The Sussex troubadour is armed with a bag of beautiful melodies, poetic words and heart-on-sleeve sentiments with his latest album Strangers. The album is an ethereal joy-ride from start to finish.

Cathy Davey – Something Ilk
The Dublin-born singer may sound candy cane sweet, but listen to her lyrics and you’ll discover a feisty lass with more kick than Bruce Lee.


BEST SINGLE: The Dears – Lost In The Plot

Is it a Morrissey? Is it a Damon Albarn? No! It’s The Dears with one of the most beautiful and track-stopping songs I’ve ever heard, ever. The pop-noir group are going to be huge in 2005, I can feel it in me waters. Any band that can with such a plaintive song induce a spirit of euphoria in the listener is destined for greatness.

Honourable Mentions:

Razorlight – Golden Touch
Johnny Borrell’s Jagger swagger personifies the spirit of this Anglo-Swedish quartet – arrogant, hooky, and bloody brilliant.

Goldie Lookin Chain – Your Mother’s Got A Penis
The Welsh chav rappers have added a Matalan warehouse of bling to the world – you just gotta love em.


BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE: Muse @ Earl’s Court, London 19 December 2004

Matt Bellamy is the gothic Mozart of our times, so it’s just pure jaw-dropping pleasure watching him and his band perform live. They’re a real musician’s band because it’s hard to fathom the sheer virtuosity at play here. Rising from below the music’s high melodrama comes the intricate piano concertos and lightening guitar solos delivered so effortlessly by Bellamy. The Devon frontman also sang with such full-throated falsettos that it was well nigh impossible for the singing crowds to keep up.

On top of that the gig was a real rock opera show, complete with steam rockets, large balloons and a rainbow of liquid lights. One of those gigs I’ll still be talking about in 30 years’ time.

Honourable Mention:

Rick Astley @ The Criterion Theatre, London 20 September 2004
We were expecting to guffaw and mock our way through Astley’s comeback gig.Instead we ended up in the standing ovation, screaming for more of the Lancashire lad’s performances of old classics and ‘those’ eighties hits.

Doves @ Hammersmith Palais, London 15 December 2004
There’s an indefinable magic about this Manc band that just makes you feel like you’re floating away on a dreamy trip. I felt it this time too. Boy was it good.


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