musicOMH’s Top 100 Albums Of 2012: The Top 5

May we present, musicOMH’s five best albums of 2012, below.

N.B. You can find nos 100-51 here and nos 50-6 here.

Blondes - Blondes 5. Blondes – Blondes

What we said: “Blondes’ debut album is great on first listen, but it takes on a whole different life when you listen more closely and let your brain follow behind. ”

– Helen Clarke

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Chromatics - Kill For Love 4. Chromatics – Kill For Love

(Italians Do It Better)
What we said: “The scope of Kill For Love is one that words cant adequately capture, but the imagination it fires can. Wilful, startling and effortless.”

– Matt Langham

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Matthew Dear - Beams 3. Matthew Dear – Beams

(Ghostly International)
What we said: “Listening to this record is an experience that is as rewarding as it is exhausting. Beams is an uncompromising, forceful and darkly beautiful album from a formidable musical talent.”

– Thomas May

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Tame Impala - Lonerism 2. Tame Impala – Lonerism
What we said: “Its indicative of the broad appeal of Lonerism, an album thats likely to appeal to fifty quid blokes wholl dig the retro influences, people to whom the term chillwave actually means something, dance fans and everyone in between.”

– Christopher Monk

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Frank Ocean - Channel Orange 1. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
What we said: “As Channel Orange reaches its end, every emotion associated with it can be traced back to one: fulfilment. And that’s how it leaves you immensely fulfilled”

– Laurence Green

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N.B. You can find nos 100-51 here and nos 50-6 here.

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