The Best Of ’05 As Chosen By The Best Of ’06: ¡Forward, Russia!

Forward Russia

¡Forward, Russia!

They are “One of the most exciting new bands in Britain”, they are “Unmissable” and ¡Forward, Russia! do rule. Which means that for once, you can’t argue with a single word of the press release.

Another who hail from Leeds, there’s four of them, they dress in matching shirts, title their songs with numbers instead of names and give music writers apoplexy trying to describe what they sound like…

Bloc Party“, “Nope, The Rapture“, “No you’re both wrong, it’s At The Drive In…”. Whatever it is, post-hardcore, experimental math-rock, chaos driven new-wave insanity, it’s astoundingly good.

Truth is, they sound a bit like all of the above, but then, perveresly, nothing like any of them; the single Thirteen is two parts disco warrior doing the robot on the nearest dance floor to one part chorus so emphatically brilliant you can practically hear hordes of wannabe indie-guitar bands crying into their Converse at the sheer unfairness of it all.

Oh, and the new one (Twelve) is even better.

Q: What are your top five albums of 2005?
Whiskas: Moving Units – Dangerous Dream
The Rakes – Capture / Release
Architecture In Helsinki – In Case We Die
Redjetson – New General Catalogue
65daysofstatic – The Fall Of Math

Q: How will ¡Forward, Russia! be spending Christmas?
W: Eating too many Christmas lunches and getting ready to record our album.

Q: So 2006 is nearly upon us, what are your plans for the not too distant new year?
W: Record the album after a very short break.

Q: Any new year resolutions you want to share with us?
W: Err, I haven’t thought about it!!

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The Best Of ’05 As Chosen By The Best Of ’06: ¡Forward, Russia!