musicOMH New Music Guide: 8

Welcome back, one and all, to musicOMH’s fortnightly guide to allthings unsigned and own-label.

Over the last seven editions we’vehighlighted 46 bands and solo artists from the unsigned jungle, but with(I’m reliably informed) 100,000 acts trying to get noticed at any one time,you can be assured that there’s plenty more to come..

Perhaps it’s the nature of current musical tastes, or of the way certaingenres publicise themselves, but it’s far easier to find unsigned ‘boys withguitars’ than anything else.
So with that in mind (andwith musical diversity to the forefront) this edition of the unsigned guidecomes to you with an electronic flavour. Partly because we love it. So sit back, relax, and dig those machines…

* If you’re an unsigned or own label artist, why not let us know about you forthe next edition, on 12th June?
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PlayRadioPlay! is one Texan youth (Dan Hunter), his Apple Mac and acouple of guitars. These simple ingredients add up to a crystal clearelectro-pop sound that floats by with its crisp drum loops and vocalsrecalling the criminally underappreciated Postal Service.

The resemblance to that electronic supergroup would probably hold Hunterback in terms of getting a record deal, but since he only does it for funthat probably doesn’t matter too much. For the casual listener, a click tohis MySpace page offers some downloadable treats in the vein of free, andrather charming electronic pop music.


This is music to take your breath away. Calm, stately and majestic,Ratatat brings a Mm-esque Icelandic swathe of relaxed electronica toa graceful musical conclusion, that also shows a serious debt to the ambientworks of Aphex Twin and M83.

I can imagine some people would be bored by this type of music – it’scertainly not Radio 1 playlist material. But for those looking forelectronic music to chill out to in the wee hours, in a darkened room, withheadphones and a cigarette of your choice – you’ve just found the perfectmatch.

The Unknownn

Moving on swiftly to trip-hop, The Unknownn are making music that walksalong a knife-edge. Gone is the chilled-out vibe of the last two acts, asthis Oxfordshire group build a sinister tension in all their music. It’smusic to give you nightmares – in a good way.

The tracks on their MySpace page exhibit stunning production skill. Tomake songs that are at once to delicate and still menacing is by no means aneasy task, but between The Unknownn and their producers, they have managedit admirably. To say that The Unknownn don’t deserve their moniker would becheap, but nevertheless accurate.

Sussie 4

And now from darkest Oxfordshire, we’re off to warmer climes:Guadalajara, Mexico to be exact. Ok, so you’re unlikely to catch this houseduo in a club near you, but just take a listen to their sun drenched housemusic stylings – given the right exposure, there’s no doubt that these guyscould be pretty big.

Hed Kandi take note: Stars or Can U Feel Me just belong in apacked summer club, this is proper Beach House – it’s making me look forwardto my summer holidays already!

Astrobotica Supra De’Nova

A bit of a mouthful in name, but a wonderful earful of sound – this isinstrumental shoegaze with size 12s – poignantly beautiful stuff. Synths andbeats yes, but also a carefully strummed and picked guitar here and therefor all those beginning to tire of the electronica.

Astrobototica’s music is deliciously laid-back and pensive, it straysinto post-rock here and there with echoes of Mogwai – reminding thiswriter (listener?) of Unsigned 4’s 66e. Again, it’s hardlycommercial, but who needs that when you’ve got such a winsome aural treat -just listen to Gossip Burns through to the end, trust me.

Tim Corley

In a complete departure from the electronic theme of this edition so far,perhaps those looking for a more, conventional sound would enjoy Tim Corley.Jason Mraz thinks he has the voice of an angel and I’m inclined toagree. Experimental electronica it aint, very acceptable indie it mostcertainly is.

All I Have shows a debt to ‘anthemic’ British bands like Coldplayor Athlete. It’s not groundbreaking or anything near, but it does thequiet bit/loud bit alternation with admirable skill and builds into asumptuous indie-pop song – a little light relief for all those that prefertheir music to be of the organic, instrumental variety.

So there you have it, another six unsigned treats for your perusal, onlyabout another 999, 948 for our consideration – we’d better get cracking!Until next time, happy listening.

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