Preview: Field Day 2007

01 August 2007

Despite its worrying overcrowding, depressingly inflated house prices, and frustrating excuse for a public transport system, you’ve got to love London sometimes.

You get opportunities to do what you want. It is the hearbeat of the nation, culturally and creatively, as it is economically. And it doesn’t flood.

Every now and then it throws up a treat. Take the new Field Day festival.
Born of a partnership between some of the city’s alternative clubs and promoters (Eat Your Own Ears, Homefires, Adventures in the Beetroot Field, Bugged Out) it has one of the most exciting festival experiences in prospect, where you can take in a fine showing of emerging indie, new wave, electro and folk without traipsing to some godforsaken field equipped like an arctic explorer for three days:

For Folk’s Sake

Folk fans are enjoying one of the best summers for the genre. Setting aside Lattitude, The Green Man and the End of The Road festivals, Field Day has a healthy offering from the likes of Alberta Cross, Adem, the ever dependable Vetiver, to more leftfield rising stars in the form of Mercury Prize nominated Bat For Lashes and Florence and the Machine.

Post Rock Schlock

Adem will also be limbering up with Kieran Hebden (whose Four Tet project are also on show) for some post-rock action with his old band Fridge, performing their first gig in six years ahead of their forthcoming album. Foals and Battles‘ math rock will also add to equation, as will Late of the Pier’s wall of sound. Throw in some Archie Bronson and you’re almost spoilt for choice.

Electro! Electro!

Which could certainly be said for the electro presence this year. Chromeo should provide a depraved opportunity for those looking for an early dance. Whilst the biggest draw will probably prove to be Justice, the presence of Erol Alkan, Jo Jo De Freq and Matthew Dear are equally welcome.

Indie Schmindie

Lest we forget geetar music, which Field Day spins across the whole indie spectrum from the 1990s raucous affairs, Gruff Rhys and Kid Harpoon’s songsmithery to the feel good summer sound of The Aliens.

Add to this the modest capacity of 5000, and the fact that most of the bigger acts would only just filll KOKO, should give some room to breath and offer a little more intimacy. There are plans for the usual festival lark, from ceiledh, bunting, hay bales, hog roasts and Tombola.

You can do it with your mates, middle class or working class (things like that don’t really matter down here) and it’s a pretty sraightforward concept: day begins at noon, enjoy the music and the sun (ok fingers crossed), hit the tube, head to one of the two after parties nearby til an ungodly Sunday hour, crawl home just in time to shine a sixty mile smile at some early church goers.

The feeding of the 5000 will soon come to take on a new meaning…

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