Festival Preview: Tales Of The Jackalope 2007

01 July 2007

A man in a giant owl suit stands proudly over a “Keep Off The Grass” sign, and a packed hall goes crazy to the cranked-up sounds of Mylo.

It’s the website gallery of the inaugural Tales Of The Jackalope last year and it testifies that some real party hit town.
Norwich has already had the 20,000-strong Latitude festival this month, but Tales Of The Jackalope is a little more low key, matching underground party acts that the bigger festivals would never consider with a wily choice of the alternative establishment and rising DJs that’ll do their best to make you last the pace.

Jackalope’s harking back somewhat to the days of music festival for devils to dance rather than eat organic food. Beginning at 12 noon with local electro punks Mama Shamone, it pulses with activity that gets more and more crazy till maybe you can’t take it any more. But you have to, because it goes through till noon the next day, and then you have to go home.

This year’s Tales Of The Jackalope sees the outlandish likes of Turbo Wolf, Florence and the Machine Music, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man, Chow Chow and Autokratz mix with burgeoning superstar mixers like DJ Mehdi and headliners Dizzee Rascal and legends The Fall (wonder how they’ll get on) over two arenas enclosed in the enigmatic and rolling Norfolk countryside, and the schedule is possibly the most outlandish and party-taxing of the year.

Daylight highlights should be provided by St Albans’ finest tropical-shirted funksters Friendly Fires, crazy disco punk duo Dananananaykroyd and alt-metal riot Comanechi, while in the dusk you’d be advised to pop along to see French electro pop kittens Uffie and Feadz before The Hours and The Fall twist your mind into shape for the long night ahead.

Ones to really pin your colours to though could be Stricken City, a London quartet who’ll add a more solemn yet still crazy shimmer to the proceedings with a beatific concoction of Zouk, Spanish pop and showtunes turned on their head till the money has fallen out.

If you’re fancying a long day, evening and morning of culture in its most twisted and hedonistic form, then Jackalope’s your place. Join the devil and musicOMH and dance to the night. Just make sure your taxi’s waiting for you outside afterwards.

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