The Best Of ’05 As Chosen By The Best Of ’06: Five O’Clock Heroes

The Best Of ’05 Chosen By The Best Of ’06:
Five O’Clock HeroesFive O'Clock Heroes
Posing for when they sell out Brixton Academy…

Five O’Clock Heroes (named after a Jam song don’t you know) are a New York based quartet who specialise in short, sharp no frills pop-rock garnished with killer hooks.

Indeed, this is the polar opposite of prog rock – the bulk of their material is upbeat, clocks in at around three minutes, possesses an individual identity and the remarkable ability to make you dance around like an idiot.

Singer Antony Ellis and drummer Patrick Fowler hail from Blighty, whilst guitarist Elliot Thompson and bassist Nader Kheirbeck make up the Yankee contingent. They all reside in NYC, where they’ve built up a loyal following since forming a couple of years ago.

They’ve been heavily influenced by the sounds of the late 70’s and early 80’s, with Elvis Costello, The Jam, The Police and Dexys Midnight Runners being just some of the artists that are decipherable in their sound. And while not being entirely original, they write great pop songs and are damn good fun – a formula many bands spend their careers trying to perfect.

They’ve just completed a trek around the UK, in which they toured with The Rakes and extensively on their own accord. They’ll be back next year with the release of their debut album Bend To The Breaks in the spring, and being one of the hardest working bands around, won’t stop till you love ’em. You needn’t worry though – 2006 will be better place with these four chaps on board.

Q: So what are Five O’Clock Heroes’ top 5 albums of 2005?
For some reason people always ask us these questions and I wish wecould name drop some new amazing band that only we’ve heard, but that’snot the case. Here’s some bands with albums out this year that we thinkare worthy of note: The Rakes, We Are Scientists, Franz Ferdinand, Maximo Park, ThePaddingtons.

Q: How are you going to be spending Christmas?
Well…Nader and Antony believe that Jesus, while a prophet of greatsignificance, is not the Son of God, so what they’ll be doing is oflittle to no importance. Elliot will be, like always, volunteering toplay one of the three magi in the birth of Christ re-enactment at his localparrish. Patrick will be in the UK and I’m pretty sure they don’tcelebrate Christmas there.

Q: So 2006 is nearly upon us, what are your plans for the not too distant new year?
This year will be pretty much like the last – extensive touring,hopefully more around the US this time around. We also have a bunch ofsongs recorded for an album which we would like to get out thereas soon as possible.

Q: Any new year resolutions you want to share with us?
To make everyone’s wildest dreams come true.

Watch the video for Head Games by clicking below:

Head Games

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The Best Of ’05 As Chosen By The Best Of ’06: Five O’Clock Heroes