The Best Of ’05 As Chosen By The Best Of ’06: iLiKETRAiNS

The Best Of ’05 Chosen By The Best Of ’06:
iLiKETRAiNS – also fond of cheesy snacks

iLiKETRAiNS aren’t exactly cheery, that’s true.But have you been on public transport recently? It’s enough to drive anyone to write murder ballads and then sing them in a solemn baritone and a mass of exploding instrumentation.

Playing “songs of disaster, betrayal and railways” they’re less a breath of fresh air, and more a creeping mass of doom-mongering fog.

Still absolutely brilliant, mind you…

Last single A Rook House For Bobby is a case in point. About former chess champion Bobby Fisher, a man who went insane claiming he wanted to live the rest of his life in a house built exactly like a rook (although who hasn’t thought that at one time or another?), it’s one of the finest and most memorable singles of the year: an epic, mournful slab of precise post rock soundscapes.

And try saying that five times quickly.

Q: So what are iLikETRAiNS best of 2005?
Simon Fogal: We all have different choices but I totally love the Mew and Sigur Rós albums, and Arcade Fire and REDJETSON have been hard to get off the iPod. I’ve also really liked what the Kaiser Chiefs, The Rakes and Editors produced. Guy recommends Silver Mt Zion – Horses in the Sky, Ashley has been enjoying Deerhoof‘s last two releases and Alistair has been listening to most of Iron Maiden‘s back catalogue. Nevermind.

Q: How are you going to be spending Christmas?
We’re going to chill out after whats been quite a hectic year of working full time and being in a band. It’s not easy you know, but a lot of fun. Ashley is going to be making a video for The Beeching Report so he won’t be relaxing, he’ll be knee deep in 70,000 balls of plasticine.

Q: So 2006 is nearly upon us, what are your plans for the not too distant new year?
We are releasing the Stainless Steel EP (Beginnning of April) and by the very end of the year hopefully an album. Also we’re going to be touring lots and playing some festivals.

Q: Any new year resolutions you want to share with us?
I intend to eat less Dairylea Dunkers when on tour.

Watch the video for A Rook House For Bobby by clicking below:

A Rook House For Bobby

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