The Best Of ’05 As Chosen By The Best Of ’06: The Pipettes

… if you haven’t noticed yet, they’re the prettiest girls you’ve ever met!”

Even if they do say so themselves, on their rather spiffy theme tune We Are The Pipettes. And how fantastic is that? A theme tune! More bands should have theme tunes!

And it’s just part of what makes The Pipettes so fantastic…
The rest is so blindingly obvious, once you hear it, you wonder why it hasn’t been done before.Take the harmonies, and innocent (but not really) stance from 60s girl-groups like The Shangri-Las, nod at Phil Spector‘s wall of sound on your way out, practice a bit of synchronised dancing and then tie the whole bundle up with a big polka-dot bow of smart noughties wit and post-modern attitude. Bingo. You’ve struck gold.

Girls Aloud? Pah! Mere amateurs. Meet the true sound of pop’s future. They are The Pipettes.

Q: What are your top five albums of 2005?
We’ve been immersing ourselves in contemporary pop music this year and working on the secret recipe for a smash hit single. Here’s our topfive: Sugababes – Taller In More Ways
Kanye West – Late Registration
Amerie – Touch
Annie – Anniemal
Billie The Vision and the Dancers – The World According To Pablo

Q: How will The Pipettes be spending Christmas?
We’re going to be sipping cocktails on a desert island as far away from the snow as possible.

Q: So 2006 is nearly upon us, what are your plans for the not too distant new year?
Record our album and tour.

Q: Any new year resolutions you want to share with us?
Infiltrate the pop world with our thigh slapping, finger clicking, hip wigglingly smashing tunes!

Watch the video for Dirty Mind by clicking below:

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