The Best Of ’05 As Chosen By The Best Of ’06: Yeti

The Best Of ’05 Chosen By The Best Of ’06:
Yeti: Never lose your sense of wooden.

And to some people’s eternal surprise, that one is Yeti.

Admittedly, if you were to sit down and try and explain them with, you know, charts and graphs, and maybe an easel, you’d probably not get it.

You’d probably say something like “Oooh, ooh, I want power chords and screaming, this won’t quench my desires, will it?!”

But you’d be wrong. Very very wrong…

With more than a hint of the psychedelic easy-going jangle-rock of The Byrds, they write songs with style, imagination and a knack for blissful melodies in a way we haven’t seen since Teenage Fanclub or The La’s. Songs like the life-affirmingly optimistic Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder, the poisionous ode to the biz Working For The Industry, or the lovely In Like With You – a tale of unrequited love from the point of view of the unrequiter.

It’s a billion miles from the grot-rock birthplace of T*e L*be*ti*es, and much the better for it.

Q: What are your top five albums of 2005?
Brendan Kersey: Didn’t buy any, spending far too much cash in Fopp on those classics that have escaped my collection!
John Hassall: Mmmm…. let me see:
1. Yeti – Broken Shackles Sessions
2. Oasis – Don’t believe the truth
3. The Coral – The Invisible Invasion
4. 747’s – 747’s
5. Babyshambles – Down in Albion

Q: How will Yeti be spending Christmas?
BK: Personally, on a snowy peak overlooking the world, then throwing myself down it on a plank of wood.
JH: “Spending” probably! I’m looking forward to spending some time with my family – and hoping them other yetiboys buy me lots of guitars…

Q: As 2006 is nearly upon us, what are your plans for the not too distant new year?
JH: Going on a short European tour in January then we’re going to record our album.

Q: Any new year resolutions you want to share with us?
BK: To stay in a flat longer than a year without being kicked out!
JH: I want to put into practice all those things I learnt about this year as well as realising the full potential of the band (ah!).

Click below to watch the video for Keep Pushing On:

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Keep Pushing On

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