Weekend Reads

All Saints, Mitski, The National …Weekend Reads


Mitski (Photo: Savanna Ruedy/Pitchfork)

After a week off, our round-up of in depth music features from around the web is back, this time with All Saints, Mitski, Santigold, The National, Maroon 5, Death Cab For Cutie, MIGOS and Rhiannon Giddens leading the charge.


Guardian: Britain is open for business? Not for African artists coming to Womad (Ian Birrell)

Pitchfork: Santigold on Her Surprise Dancehall Album, I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions (Michelle Lhooq)

i News: All Saints, reunited: ‘I thought we’d be living on a farm by now’ (Nick Levine)

Guardian: ‘I was throwing up before we went on CD:UK’: All Saints on how to be a girl group (Michael Cragg)

Pitchfork: Don’t Cry for Mitski (Matthew Schnipper)

Clash: V.I.P.’d Off: Should ‘Golden Circles’ Be Ditched? (Robin Murray)

NME: The National: ‘Sex, death and losing. What else is there?’ (Andrew Trendell)

Independent: Adam Levine: ‘I don’t know what the f*** Maroon 5 are anymore… we occupy a weird space’ (Roisin O’Connor)

Guardian: DIY London: partying on the periphery  (Will Coldwell)

Guardian: ‘White people are so fragile, bless ’em’ … meet Rhiannon Giddens, banjo warrior (Emma John)

DIY: Seasons Change: Death Cab For Cutie (Sarah Jamieson)

GQ: MIGOS: Five hours with the wildest rap group in the world. (Lily Walker)

Pitchfork: Are Rap Albums Really Getting Longer? (Andrew Mayz)

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All Saints, Mitski, The National …Weekend Reads
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