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Shame, Creep Show, the NME… Weekend Reads

David Byrne

David Byrne (Photo: Jody Rogac)

In this new series, each week we round up some of the music web’s best non-review reads and plonk them into one handy page, while wishing we’d published at least some of them. Nice yes?

Onwards, to a week which encompassed International Women’s Day and the final print edition of the NME.


The Guardian: Farewell to NME: a rock’n’roll riot that petered into silence (Alexis Petridis)

Vice: The ‘NME’ Wasn’t a Monolith (Sam Wolfson)

Noisey: The Guide to Getting into David Byrne (Jeremy Allen)

Noisey: On the Road with Shame, One Tasteless Live Show at a Time (Eve Barlow)

BBC Music: 10 ‘lost’ female musicians who deserve more recognition (Emily Mackay)

NME: Kim Deal: The Breeders frontwoman on their fifth album, Pixies and touring with Nirvana (Kevin EG Perry)

Clash: World Beyond: Entering Erasure’s Neo-Classical Realm (Mat Smith)

Dork: Albert Hammond Jr: “I wish I were eighteen and this was my first record” (Steven Loftin)

The Quietus: Ein Kleiner Lichtzauber: Creep Show Interviewed (John Doran)

The Guardian: Peaches: ‘We smoked a joint, started screaming and suddenly had some songs’ (Peaches)

The Quietus: The Strange World Of… Cocteau Twins (Lottie Brazier)

Drowned in Sound: “This is as brutal as we’ve ever been” – DiS meets Editors (Dom Gourlay)



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Shame, Creep Show, the NME… Weekend Reads
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