M-I:2 – Mission Impossible 2

UK release date: Mar 26 2008

cast list

Tom Cruise
Dougray Scott

directed by
John Woo

M-I:2 is the fabled follow-up to one of the highest-grossing, and certainly most complicated films of 1996, Mission:Impossible, starring Tom Cruise (who also produced and did his own stunts) and directed by John Woo.

The plot here has clearly been sacrificed to illustrating Cruise/Woo set-pieces which, as one might expect, do their best to out-do the first film’s efforts. No helicopters – or TGVs! – in the channel tunnel this time though, thankfully, but they’ve been replaced by much that’s in the same impossibly silly vein. An attempt at a romantic plot seems scripted simply to fill in the blanks between action sequences and fails to convince.

Many people will go and see M:I-2, and may even enjoy it for Woo’s camera work and the action sequences, which are after all visually everything they should be. So I will not try to put anyone off.

There is no use for me to say how utterly stupid and pointless this piece of shit is, or how the acting is disappointingly crass. And it would be equally unfair were I to say that Woo’s action sequences and stunts have all been seen before, only better.

No, I would not want to put any prospective cinema-goers off by saying how thoroughly insulting the obvious dialogue, story-line, and guessable twists are to anyone with even a faint glimmer of sensibility in their brains.

No – by all means, go and see Mission:Impossible 2 Watch. Just don’t ever speak to me again.

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