Monsters, Inc

UK release date: Mar 26 2008

cast list

John Goodman
Billy Crystal
Steve Buscemi
Jennifer Tilly
Bonnie Hunt
James Coburn

directed by
Peter Docter
David Silverman
Lee Unkrich

Monsters, Inc. is yet another joy of computer-animated cinema from Pixar, thecompany who also brought us the two Toy Story films and 1998’s A Bug’s Life. Agenial, funny and wonderfully entertaining film for both kids and adults, theseMonsters will have no problem scaring their way into the hearts of millions thisholiday season.

Monsters Inc is the largest scream-processing factory in the monster world.Monsters of all shapes and sizes frighten children so their screams can beharnessed and used as energy back in the monster world. One of the top scarersis Sulley (voiced by John Goodman), a laid back blue and purple monster. Hisassistant-and best friend-is Mike Waszowski (Billy Crystal), a feisty one-eyedmonster.

Since children are considered a threat to monsters, it’s absolutely forbiddenfor anything or anyone from the human world to cross over into the monsterworld. Even a stray sock alerts a task force. But one night after work, whileretrieving Mike’s paperwork, Sulley accidentally lets in a two-year old girl,nicknamed Boo, who isn’t scared by monsters in the least.

Directors Pete Docter, David Silverman and Lee Unkrich do a wonderful job atkeeping up the level of excellence Pixar Animation has set for themselves in thepast six years. Starting with 1995’s Toy Story, each successive full-lengththeatrical offering from the company has brought us a new, fully developed worldof imagination and wonder, backed by smart and witty screenplays (written thistime out by Dan Gerson and Andrew Stanton) filled with endearing characters. Oh,and the animation isn’t all that bad either.

Monsters also is blessed with a great voice talent cast. Goodman and Crystalwork perfectly together, displaying the same type of good-natured chemistry thatTom Hanks and Tim Allen did in the Toy Story films. Steve Buscemi is wonderfullyslimy and hilarious as Randall, a rival scarer. Jennifer Tilly, Bonnie Hunt andJames Coburn also turn nice supporting turns as well.

Fun is the name of the game with Monsters, Inc. and it delivers on thatpromise in abundance. A little more family friendly than this summer’s Shrek(but every bit as great), Monsters is as warm, fuzzy and lovable as its leadcharacter Sulley. If you don’t find yourself smiling all the way throughout,check your pulse.

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