Snow Day

UK release date: 21 April 2000

cast list
Chris Elliott
Mark Webber
Chevy Chase
Pam Grier

directed by
Chris Koch

WARNING – Do not be fooled by the cast list of Snow Day. Indeed, how such a competent cast, among which includes Chevy Chase and Pam Grier (last seen in Jackie Brown) got involved in such a clumsy, mediocre piece of film-making may never be known.

The story concerns schoolkids in upstate New York who try to prevent the snowplough-man from doing his job, so that they will be able to have another Snow Day (when the schools are closed).

At the same time, Tom Brandston (Chase) is having an ongoing battle with a competing weather presenter, while teenage son Hal (Mark Webber) tries to seduce heart-throb Claire from the clutches of her brainless boyfriend Chuck, the town bully.

Nothing original there, then. The actors do their best with a terrible script, the plot developments are predictable, and throughout the film the jokes come fewer and further between, and when they do arrive, they’re often so blatant that you can’t help thinking instead of the hard-earned pounds you wasted coming to see such a piece of filth.

The excuse that this film is aimed at children surely doesn’t merit such atrocity. Stay clear.

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