The Patriot

UK release date: 14 July 2000

cast list
Mel Gibson
Heath Ledger

directed by
Roland Emmerich

You might think that I’m too critical about films, but I can only tell you what I honestly think about the film I am watching. So here goes. The Patriot is a very bad piece of film-making. At times it is so atrocious that it is insulting.

The plot twists are incredibly predictable, and so is the dialogue. Even John Williams’ music score is unmemorable, and uses many of the same melody ideas as his previous scores.

The film is saved by a few impressively choreographed, but overly violent battle scenes, and by Gibson’s competent acting (last heard in Chicken Run) and the sheer range of his facial expressions. But he can only be as good as the part written for him, and quite frankly at times I felt sorry for him that he, and indeed the whole cast, had to star in this overlong, boring, and downright stupid film.

And it wasn’t only me – during the film people in the cinema were laughing at the film, and when we came out at the end, I didn’t overhear anyone who had liked it.

The Patriot is too terrible for words; perhaps Hollywood should this year abolish the Oscars, and instead rate the films on their faults rather than their merits.

I will leave you with this image (don’t worry – it doesn’t give any of the plot away): Mel Gibson successfully stopping his army’s retreat by running in slow motion through the battle screaming, ” N o , N o , N O , N o !!!”

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