London Gigs

London Gigs: 2-8 October 2017

Gigs Of The Week

The wonderful Susanne Sundfør plays at the Union Chapel on Monday 2 October. Known for her spine tingling vocals, the Norwegian artist’s new album, Music For People In Trouble, saw her divert from the electro-driven sound of her past few albums, returning to her roots as a folk singer/songwriter. Stripped back and unnervingly intimate, the Chapel feels like the perfect venue to lose yourself in the record.

If you prefer things a little less subtle, Snapped Ankles might be more your thing. A bonkers ball of sound that’s a raucous breed of electro/synth heavy dance that also harbouring something almost primitive. Of course it helps that they dress in shaman-type furs and headdresses. Their live show is an exhilarating experience and well worth a visit to The Shacklewell Arms on Wednesday 4 October – not least because it’s a free gig!

The Queen of singer-songwriters, Tori Amos, is in London this week. The show marks the release of her 15th(!) studio album, Native Invader. Amazingly it’ll be her eighth performance at the Royal Albert Hall (her first being back in 1996) when she plays on Wednesday 4 October.

Announcement Of The Week

Field Music. The Barbican. A match made in heaven. And one made more so by the fact that they’re going to be playing with The Open Here Orchestra – so expect all the trimmings when they play on Friday 25 May 2018.


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