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Track Of The Day: Archie Bronson Outfit – We Are Floating

If you happen to already be a fan of bands like The Black Keys, then adding Archie Bronson Outfit to your playlist is an absolute must – especially once their upcoming fourth album Wild Crush drops in May. From it, We Are Floating sounds exactly how the title suggests – swirling melodies, crunchy guitar hooks and some seriously dirty rock’n’roll riffs with bluesy leanings.

While the song itself is quite psychedelic and groovy, the accompanying video takes the tune to a whole other level with three of the band members featured in the midst of a cartoon sea backdrop as weird fruit, random eyeballs, pink mountains and squiggly flames appear and disappear throughout.

Directed by Adam Mallett, the clip actually says in pictures what Sam Windett, Dorian Hobday and Mark ‘Arp’ Cleveland belt out in sound. Turn it up… Louder.

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