Track Of The Day

Track Of The Day: Courtney Love – You Know My Name

There’s always going to be plenty of negative opinions about anything Courtney Love does because… she’s Courtney Love.

But if the haters could just for a moment put their personal opinions aside and actually talk music instead of Love’s drug habits, plastic surgery and generally shady past, it becomes real obvious that this is one ballsy, gutsy, hard-hitting punk rock track that would make the likes of Brody Dalle blush.

Yes, Love’s lips have never looked more inflated and her eyes have never been deader, but visuals aside, sonically You Know My Name is tough and pretty much bordering on metal thanks to the tough, fast and furious guitar chords fused with the singer’s growly, gravelly and raw-as-fuck vocals. This is a welcomed return from Love, and exactly every inch of what you would expect from her.

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