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Track Of The Day: Hercules And Love Affair – I Try To Talk To You (feat. John Grant)

It’s a pretty brave act for any artist to pour their heart and soul out into a track and release it for the rest of the world to judge. The fact that 2014 BRIT Award nominee John Grant has opted to pen and sing about his HIV positive diagnosis on the new track by Hercules And Love Affair is surely a courageous feat of the highest order.

Not only that, but on I Try To Talk To You, Grant manages to turn an ugly circumstance into something soulful and gorgeous-sounding, all the while making you want to shake your arse courtesy the old school house banger that is the backing production. Grant’s sexy, brooding, deep-as-hell vocals make this track an equally emotional tale as well as an instant dancefloor anthem, the song straddling the line between traditional techno and catchy pop.

If a well-executed fusion of past and present dance tunes sounds like your cup of tea, hear this one out before the rest of the album drops on 26 May. 

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