Track Of The Day

Track Of The Day: Nils Frahm – Re

When Hungarian director Balazs Simon discovered German pianist and producer Nils Frahm’s stunning 2012 album Screws, he especially fell in love with the track Re – that is the back-story. Not that it matters really that Re and the rest of Screws was released two years ago, because everything about the track (and undoubtedly, about the album, too) is absolutely timeless and pretty much an instant classic.

Sad and tear-jerking piano melodies make Re incredibly spellbinding, utterly beautiful and simply stunning to listen to – and a good pair of headphones is recommended for this subliminal number. While it’s anyone’s guess as to the meaning behind the Simon-created animate video, it features a deer that seems to be trying to escape a crumbling world. And its obvious distress is a perfect complement to the sadness of the track. 

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