Track Of The Day

Track Of The Day: Sébastien Tellier – L’Adulte

A Brazilian track via a Frenchman – who else but Sébastien Tellier could pull off something like this and make it sound nothing short of brilliant.

Recently signed to Because for his forthcoming sixth album L’Aventura, L’Adulte introduces us to the tropical sound that is set to prevail throughout the rest of the record. Despite being extremely catchy and full of sunny melodies, upon second or third listen, it’s obvious this song is a lot more complex and intricate beneath the surface. L’Adulte is pretty much a bossa nova with French singing – or should we say ‘spoken word’, really – and despite having warm undertones, there is something undeniable sad in Tellier’s tone as well.

Otherwise, the video is a perfect fit as it highlights all the things Brazil has come to be known for – hot women, very little clothes and loads of provocative dance moves. Tellier roams around Rio checking out all the carnival action while generally looking nonchalant and cool, as always. Perfect.

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