Track Of The Day

Track Of The Day: Slow Club – Suffering Me, Suffering You

Indie pop favourites Slow Club seem to be pretty damn determined to steer away from their roots as they move even further into a new direction with new single Suffering Me, Suffering You.

Think Etta James or Diana Ross and you get solid hints of what vocalist and multinstrumentalist Rebecca Taylor is trying to channel on the upcoming third album, Complete Surrender. Big Motown melodies, bouncy bitter-sweet ‘60s pop and one grandiose trumpet-infused sound blasting in the background is the way Slow Club like their music these days.

And while Suffering Me, Suffering You is incredibly hooky, catchy, soulful and epic , the sheer strength of Taylor’s vocals can sometimes come across as a little too powerful – and, yes, even over that huge, big band sound. Otherwise, it’s clear that Slow Club are doing an impressive job of pulling off a very classic, timeless style on the upcoming album.

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