Track Of The Day

Track Of The Day: Teleman – 23 Floors Up

Teleman’s new single 23 Floors Up is one of those songs that very effortlessly conjures up visuals and vivid images to accompany the descriptive lyrics of vocalist/songwriter Thomas Sanders. Tales of love and paranoia (and some passions taking place in a hotel setting) are the central theme of 23 Floors Up and, man, does Sanders sing them stunningly with a voice that’s best described as pure, clean and innocent… He sounds like a choir boy, basically. In a cool way, of course.

Overall, 23 Floors up is just a beautiful piece of guitar-pop music that is charming, naive and sparse with melodies which are light, gentle and almost floating through your ears, accompanied by minimalist synth tones and breathtaking crooning courtesy Sanders. Produced by Bernard Butler, 23 Floors Up actually drops on the same day as the rest of Teleman’s full-length album Breakfast – Monday 2 June.

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