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Track Of The Day: The Trouble With Templeton – Heavy Lifting

If the rest of the album is anything like its first single Heavy Lifting, Australian quintet The Trouble With Templeton have got one massively impressive debut full-length on their hands.

Layered with melancholy riffs throughout and breezy yet warm melodies, Heavy Lifting is a pretty fitting title for a piece of songwriting that sounds intricate and complex, made all the darker and heavier with vocalist Thomas Calder’s melancholy vocals, crooning about “being stuck inside a whole lotta love that you can’t ignore”.

Yep it’s a love song, but not a happy one at that – Heavy Lifting is a tale of struggle and distance, the sadness expressed via a silhouette of a woman dancing provocatively with words “never opened a door for me” written on her body in lipstick. Kind of eerie, kind of depressing. All in all, there’s something pretty empty about her seductiveness. Oh and the band also appear in drag.

The visuals may be all over the place, but Heavy Lifting sounds like a perfect piece of guitar pop.

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