Album Reviews
Julien Baker - Little Oblivions

Julien Baker – Little Oblivions

by Ross Horton

Sensitive, heartfelt and resolute rock music that shuffles its feet while looking at the stars

Roosevelt – Polydans

by Ben Devlin

A breezy trip through those sounds and styles we just can’t get enough of, all groovy production and smooth songwriting

Smerz – Believer

by Steven Johnson

A suite of disaggregated, miniature sonic tapestries that melds modern R&B with flashes of contemporary classical and unflinching electronics

Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 – Mas

by Matt Cotsell

An adorably contagious and exotically liberated cannibalisation of Tropicalia, Cumbia and shuffling Bossa Nova melodies, all sung in the Welsh language

Vapour Theories – Celestial Scuzz

by Matt Cotsell

This animated combination of hoary rock and demonstrative ambiance should spark the curiosity of anyone interested in deep listening

Stereolab – Electrically Possessed (Switched On Vol Four)

by Matt Cotsell

Collecting together various EPs, compilation tracks and tour 7″s the postmodernist iconoclasts made between 2000 and 2005

Alice Cooper – Detroit Stories

by Matt Cotsell

This fun and obnoxiously reverent family affair should get the inmates rioting

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Invisible Cities

by Steven Johnson

Not as diaphanous or as overtly sad as some of their previous work, but still a source of shimmering and slow-moving beauty

Mouse On Mars – AAI

by Matt Cotsell

Berlin based electronic pair apply their trademark chimeric vibrancy to the concept of machine learning

John Tejada – Year Of The Living Dead

by Ben Devlin

Takes us back to the days of microhouse, highly recommended for fans of those glory days

Altın Gün – Yol

by Matt Cotsell

The garish hazy luminosity of eight golden orbs brightens a moonlit aqueduct on the illustrated cover of Altın Gün’s third album Yol, telling you that...

Maxïmo Park – Nature Always Wins

by John Murphy

Their seventh album feels like the start of a new chapter for the slimmed-down line-up

Blanck Mass – In Furneaux

by Matt Cotsell

Thought-provoking cyclical album explicitly built around archival sound recordings emerges as a ferocious and often anarchic statement of intent

Lost Horizons – In Quiet Moments

by Andy Jex

Sixteen tracks, each with a different vocalist, offer holistic audio balm to soothe, hug and give hope in these ‘unprecedented times’ and beyond.

SG Lewis – times

by Ben Devlin

A blend of house music, disco revivalism and a poppy aesthetic, with guest slots for Robyn and Nile Rodgers

Slowthai – TYRON

by Chris White

A clear attempt to deliver a more mature, varied work than Nothing Great About Britain, and in that it succeeds

Wild Pink – A Billion Little Lights

by Ross Horton

Full, fleshed-out tone poems that alternate between accessible indie pop cuts and washed-out ambient soundtracks

Smith & Burrows – Only Smith & Burrows Is Good Enough

by Ross Horton

These two men are writing like their careers depend on it, on an album that couldn’t be any lower stakes

XIXA – Genesis

by Matt Cotsell

Tucson outfit’s work blends a fondness for cinematic Christian mythology with outlaw Latin traditions

Psymon Spine – Charismatic Megafauna

by Matt Cotsell

Brooklyn based dance collective make a wobbly though welcome return

Tindersticks – Distractions

by Steven Johnson

Always a band that have explored human emotion in deep, meaningful ways, but their latest feels like the beginning of a fresh chapter