Album Reviews

Lindsey Buckingham – Lindsey Buckingham

by Graeme Marsh

An echo of past glories from the sometime Fleetwood Mac guitarist

Biffy Clyro – The Myth Of The Happily Ever After

by Graeme Marsh

The Scots’ best album to date delivers on their promise to stand head and shoulders above an already impressive back catalogue

Rival Consoles – Overflow

by Ben Devlin

Ryan Lee West’s seventh album is a serious work from an intriguing producer whose use of dynamics are masterful and nuanced

Nils Frahm – Old Friends New Friends

by Sam Walker-Smart

A double album of orphaned compositions from various projects circa 2009-2021, these little sonic postcards are a joy to get lost in, and never outstay their welcome

Katy B @ Village Underground, London

by Michael Hubbard

The sometime dubstep pop queen’s first London headline gig in five years debuts a laid-back vibe

Nell & The Flaming Lips – Where The Viaduct Looms

by John Murphy

An album of Nick Cave covers by Wayne Coyne’s merry crew and a teenager from Yorkshire. Does it work?

Seth Lakeman – Make Your Mark

by David Murphy

Honesty and likeable simplicity permeate through sturdy songs that sound as though they’re built to stand tall and resilient in a buffeting Devon wind

The KVB – Unity

by Graeme Marsh

Demonstrating a strong sense of moving forward, this duo sound like all your favourite bands rolled up in one

Riki – Gold

by Sam Walker-Smart

The LA artist’s second album is nighttime music, tunes for neon-soaked streets and lost lovers, with a reflective aura in which to get lost in

Adele – 30

by Graeme Marsh

The most intimate and in many ways bravest of her albums to date

Tony Allen: A Retrospective @ Royal Festival Hall, London

by Michael Hubbard

Intended as an 80th birthday celebration, this retrospective brought together music and musicians from across 50 years of an artistic giant’s career

Ladyhawke – Time Flies

by Ben Hogwood

There are subtleties at work in Pip Brown’s multi-layered songs that make the album format well suited to her work

Sting – The Bridge

by Ben Hogwood

He remains the troubadour with itchy feet, arriving to stay the night but already with one eye on the next day’s departure

OMD @ Brighton Centre, Brighton

by Matt Cotsell

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Souvenir with a loving crowd, the band belie their name by shining a decadent light on the know-it-all glories of youth

Houeida Hedfi – Fleuves De L’Âme

by Steven Johnson

This debut by the Tunisian percussionist is a reminder of music’s ability to transcend cultural boundaries and open up new worlds

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Raise The Roof

by John Murphy

It has taken over a decade to arrive, but this second outing from one of rock’s less likely pairings is an undoubted triumph, proving the old adage that opposites attract

Shame @ Chalk, Brighton

by Matt Cotsell

The south Londoners bring Drunk Tank Pink to the coast in bacchanalian, destructive style

Elbow – Flying Dream 1

by John Murphy

A warm, comforting and sincere record that many of us need after the last two years welcomes the light back

Youth – Spinning Wheel

by David Murphy

Musician and producer Martin “Youth” Glover’s first foray under his own name, despite a career lasting over 40 years

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – Imposter

by Ben Hogwood

The Depeche Mode frontman’s third album with the duo is a darkly-coloured cabaret set where covering other people’s songs is the explicit aim

Festival Review: Mutations Brighton 2021

by Matt Cotsell

The Brighton festival was better than measly fireworks: with Yard Act, Scalping and Pillow Queens on the bill, this was dynamite, and the directions for where to stick it