Album Reviews
Alicia Keys - Alicia

Alicia Keys – Alicia

by Nick Smith

A narrative of genuine hope, despair, frustration and even ambivalence runs through her seventh album

Into It. Over It. – Figure

by Graeme Marsh

An album about making peace with poor decisions from Evan Weiss rewards repeat listens

MJ Guider – Sour Cherry Bell

by Ben Devlin

Oodles of overdrive and a dissociated, ambient feel, another enjoyable release from an artist rapidly reaching the top of the dream-pop scene

Asian Dub Foundation – Access Denied

by Chris White

The collective’s first album in five years finds them as vital, innovative and passionate as ever

AMMAR 808 – Global Control / Invisible Invasion

by Steven Johnson

Sofyann Ben Youssef’s India-inspired album of pulsating music excites and inspires, and stands as a testament to the pursuit of musical discovery

Bright Light Bright Light – Fun City

by Nick Smith

Rod Thomas’s latest collection of electropop disco gems has an underlying message of inclusivity, and a galaxy of LGBTQI+ guest stars on hand to assist

Paul Epworth – Voyager

by Ben Devlin

The producer leaves behind semi-anonymity and steps into the limelight with his debut album

Uniform – Shame

by Ross Horton

The New Yorkers’ sixth album is a slab of repugnant, malignant noise made with evil intent

Everything Everything – Re-Animator

by Ben Hogwood

A darkly shaded sixth album, and a very different string to be added to their bow

Roachford – Twice In A Lifetime

by Ben Hogwood

Proving that, more than 30 years on, he remains one of the finest talents in British pop music

Haiku Hands – Haiku Hands

by Lewis Oxley

Provocative and tantalising, a new powerful female voice in the era of explicit pop

Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos

by Ross Horton

A stunning collection of tracks that are stronger, tougher and better than they have any right to be, more vital and creative than ever

Suzanne Vega – An Evening Of New York Songs And Stories

by Nick Smith

This live recording stands as a fitting tribute to New York, praising its riches, uncovering its faults and exploring its tragedy

Doves – The Universal Want

by Alan Ashton-Smith

Fresh and relevant, their first album in a decade strikes a fine balance between progress and comforting familiarity

The Flaming Lips – American Head

by Graeme Marsh

A thought provoking, self-examining episode from Wayne Coyne and co triggered by Tom Petty from beyond the grave

Tricky – Fall To Pieces

by Ben Devlin

Moody lyrics and a lingering unease underpin an intriguing collection

Krononaut – Krononaut

by Daniel Paton

A mysterious album, adroitly combining meditative and unsettling moods, and creating its own shifting musical terrain

Saint Saviour – Tomorrow Again

by Ben Hogwood

Becky Jones’ latest is an enchanting and captivating album that surrounds its listener with warmth and empathy

Billy Ocean – One World

by Nick Smith

The underlying message may be nothing new, but the soul and sincerity serve as an antidote to cynicism

Afel Bocoum – Lindé

by Steven Johnson

An accomplished album that manages to be both outward-looking while also proud of its Malian heritage

Bill Callahan – Gold Record

by Steven Johnson

Another album of uniquely considered observations imbued with wisdom and sharpness of mind, undoubtedly music for the slow lane