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Adventure – Adventure

(Car Park) UK release date: 22 September 2008

Look very closely at the artwork for Adventure’s debut album – it tells you a lot about what you’re going to hear.

The Tetris-like structures spelling out the name of Benny Boeldt’s venture are replicated in his music – which, as it turns out, is heavily influenced by an early brush with the compositions of the SEGA catalogue. His press release adds in the term ‘accelerated baroque’, which just about covers the rapid-fire figurations of his keyboard music.

There’s a lot going on, that’s for sure – and if you were playing a game to this accompaniment the brightly coloured scenery would be whizzing past as you jumped, kicked and punched your way from one level to the next.

Sometimes it’s all too much though, and after a few minutes there’s only a certain amount of brightly lit quickfire arpeggios the ear can take. Add the kick drum beats on overdrive and you have a potent mix – exilharating in short measure but overpowering on headphones after a while.

What often gets Boeldt out of trouble is his gift as a melodist, and the long-running arch of the tune in Travel Kid is hugely uplifting. A few choice samples help break the instrumental mould and add a bit of humour, too – Poison Diamonds notes how it’s “quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it”.

So in all truth this self-titled album from the 24-year old Carolina producer is an interesting but relatively undisciplined affair. In short bursts it provides moments of real energy, humour and a surprising intricacy, though these are too easily overlooked in the rhythmic clutter evident elsewhere. That said, one to keep an eye on.

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Adventure – Adventure