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Architecture In Helsinki – We Died They Remixed

(Moshi Moshi) UK release date: 22 January 2007

Commissioning remixes of your latest album is a bigrisk, and in some cases is rightly viewed as a ratherlazy sales generator. Happily such accusations fallwide of the mark when considering Australian pop octetArchitecture in Helsinki.

Not for them the type ofremix album that sees the same names contributing runof the mill takes on established tunes. This is bycomplete contrast a vibrant group of interpretationsthat should introduce a few new names, artists thatclearly have an affinity with the originalmaterial.

Certainly there’s plenty to work with. With eightband members, Architecture In Helsinki’s music ischock full of musical happenings. Off the wall vocals,counter melodies everywhere, quirky drum rhythms,strange instrumental effects – a challenge indeed fora remixer to take these in hand and enhance the band�sinvention. What the album brings though is an array ofrhythms, electronic trickery and bright, weirdlyinventive sounds.

Bonkers pop moments abound, none more so than theDat Politics remix of Frenchy I’m Faking, which soundslike a brass band taking a wrong turn and ending up ata Fatboy Slim DJ set. Neverevereverdid starts soberlyenough but soon finds itself wound up in increasinglyfrenetic rhythms. Tiny Paintings is a tongue twisterset most effectively to music by Squeak E. Clean.

Need To Shout brings a different, unhinged side inthe Mocky remix, immediately countered by the dreamyguitar meanderings of Qua’s take on Maybe You Can OwnMe, a sweet late night moment that goes trippy towardsthe end. Similarly What’s In Store provides a glimpseof sunlight in its hazy studio dressing courtesy ofMountains In The Sky.

Meanwhile deadpan dance/pop is offered by the 33Hzremix of It’5, a feelgood guitar loop coupled with thevocoded chorus, while Do The Whirlwind gets twooutings, the second of which from Hot Chipglides smoothly across the dancefloor.

A stimulating set of tracks then, deserving of analbum to themselves and brightly uplifting.

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Architecture In Helsinki – We Died They Remixed