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Beyond Reasonable Doubt – Beyond Reasonable Doubt

(10 Past 10) UK release date: 10 July 2006

At first listen you’d be forgiven for thinking that Beyond Reasonable Doubt are the latest in a long line of U.S. imports to hit these shores. Naturally, they hail from that well known American state: Surrey.

Anyone with a passing interest in the fortunes of Punk and Hardcore will be more than familiar with the kind of sound that BRD bring to the table. Despite claiming a massive Green Day influence, the band in fact sound as if they’ve come straight from the rosters of either Fat Wreck or Epitaph. Indeed if you were blindfolded and forced to guess, it might even cross your mind that this is the new album from Bad Religion.

So, an American influence is very much in evidence, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the major give away though, is the focus of the lyrics. They tend to focus less on the political side of things (a hallmark of the likes of NOFX and Bad Religion) and concentrate on such things as getting lashed, getting laid, and spending considerable stretches of time being sad and lonely. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being young and in love and in possession of some hard liquor.

BRD do however pack quite a hefty punch despite the occasional indie bedwetter lyric and forays into vocal parts that wander into emo territory. The production has a rougher edge when compared to many of their American counterparts, suggesting a heavy metal edge to the band that most punk bands try very hard to ignore. The drums and twin guitar licks also hint at a band that have a few Maiden albums tucked away at the back of the cupboard in a box marked ‘Secret Shame, DO NOT OPEN!’

But when all is said and done, BRD have produced an album jammed with songs that are inventive and stuffed full of songs that have a distinct pop edge to them. Three years of patience and constant touring have made this band incredibly tight. It has streamlined their songs and the hard work has really paid off. Rather than release an ill considered and rushed debut, they’ve delivered something that ripples with great tunes and attitude.

So, after a very punk 32 minutes, you can’t help but be impressed at the sheer quality and depth of these songs.

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Beyond Reasonable Doubt – Beyond Reasonable Doubt