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Buen Chico – Right To Re-arrange

(Faith & Hope) UK release date: 15 October 2007

Buen Chico - Right To Re-arrange Buen Chico. An unknown band, originally from a small town, playing a small venue near you soon. But hopefully not for too long. A few years ago as the band slogged it out with algebra and anthologies, they played in local boozers, ancient pubs, trendy bars and social clubs within the town of Halifax. But with such a small base, it lacked the exposure and the support of a surrounding scene.

Since those days of emotions and confusing hormones, the band has largely changed personnel with singer Morgan Tatchell-Evans being the only surviving member. Buen Chico have since recruited new members, picked up their guitars and shuffled the short distance to Leeds. But having the ability to make such a move, it’s clear that they must have something special packed away in their gig bags. And yet they emerged without taking the tempting easy route of the winning formula- basic structure + repetitive rhythm + meaningless lyrics = more money and more sales.

Buen Chico are an example of a band that have produced music that is fun catchy indie-pop, without sacrificing themselves to the dizzy heights of the largely talentless charts. It’s hardly far-fetched or obscure music, but at least there is evidence of creativity and imagination.

They’ve stamped and kicked on a basic structure, leaving it in a pool of blood on the ground, with the screams for help being drowned out by the sounds of a more superior framework. The simple lyrics have been left perplexed by a more intelligent and witty group of lexis and the repetitive rhythm has been left dizzy and confused by more varied, clever riffs. Buen Chico are foot-stomping, guitar attacking party machines full of jaunty jollity double-decker tunes such as Giving Your Gifts and Laying Down The Law.

The structure is muddled and interesting, the time signature is neatly inconsistent and unsettled, carrying lyrics that seem to actually mean something. “And if you’re trying to keep the world flying on in a straight line, well that’s ok as long as you don’t do it in my time” just one of a number of interesting observations packed into Great Pleasures.

Lets not get too excited though – Buen Chico are nothing new. Despite supporting the Kaiser Chiefs and being played by Colin Murray on Radio 1, they’re hardly going to be genre- or generation-defining. They are not Oasis. But then at least they’re not predictable irritating money makers like The Pigeon Detectives – just somewhere in between.

And so Buen Chico will never find that winning formula of fame and fortune, but at least that means they’ve produced a bunch of songs well worth listening to.

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Buen Chico – Right To Re-arrange