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Christine And The Queens – Redcar les adorables etoiles (prologue)

(Because) UK release date: 11 November 2022

This lateral progression in their artistry represents a new identity and a more lo-fi sonic approach

Christine And The Queens - Redcar les adorables etoiles (prologue) It’s been a long time since Chris, one of 2018’s best pop records and Christine And The Queens’ mainstream breakthrough, and while the gap has been filled with an EP and covers here and there Redcar les adorables etoiles (prologue) represents a new identity and a more lo-fi sonic approach.

One doesn’t have to speak French (luckily) to deduce that the album is repetitious, as the taut compositions with Jam & Lewis as their inspiration have been replaced with more improvisation and casual earworms.

Combien de temps is perhaps the most extreme example, as a skronky organ-based groove loops for eight and a half minutes with little in the way of development, but more immediate and poppy material comes with rein dire where syncopated percussion and acidic synths accompany a thoughtful tune about being spiritually linked to another (“sans jamais rien dire / je pense tous les jours a toi, sans rien dire”).

Other highlights come with the pumping, Eurythmics-inspired Looking for love and the soaring toplines of Je te vois enfin, but other songs are unfortunately hard to love. Tu sais ce qu’il me faut may have a tongue-in-cheek tone to it but the melodrama wears thin and the vocal production is amateurish nevertheless, while Les etoiles fails to achieve forward momentum with its wonky kick drums and growling bass. During these weaker moments the record comes off aimless, as if material was committed to tape regardless of quality.

My birdman brightens up the tracklist with a looped vocal sample and tasteful piano embellishments giving way to a drone coda, and La chanson du chevalier also loops a lyrical fragment (“the man I love”) to haunting effect over the nocturnal beat. It brings its fair share of frustration, but Christine And The Queens’ third record is undoubtedly interesting, a lateral progression if ever there was one.

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