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Colour Of Fire – Pearl Necklace

(Riverman) UK release date: 9 August 2004

Colour Of Fire - Pearl Necklace

Idlewild, Placebo and Biffy Clyro have all, at one point, been supported by Colour Of Fire – a four piece band that were formed in 2002. Having taken their name from a Boards Of Canada album, Colour Of Fire have been exceptionally busy since last August due to excessive airplay on Radio 1 and XFM.

Since the release of their single Decisions Decisions, Colour Of Fire have progressed into something incomprehensible. While Decisions Decisions was a magnificent slab of fresh rock, there’s always a point at which you hope a band matures and Pearl Necklace, the debut album of the quartet, is it.

To speak modestly of the band, this album is mind-blowing. Opening track Robot Rock is reminiscent of early ’90s metal while Images Of You can be placed alongside a Radiohead album with its psychedelic, mind-numbing rhythm. Italics and Second Class Citizen touch on the joys of British Indie rock and Hate-Mail could be compared to the Finnish Goth rockers HIM. To end it all, Company Won’t Colour Me sounds like something taken from a lostprophets back catalogue.

Owen Richards’ lyrics are poetically joyful. “Your blood is all I can taste…I’ve seen the colour of fire…” (9 Volter), “I feel us coming together now”(Candles), “this infection is contagious as hell, I can see the symptoms” (Robot Rock) are just some of the lyrical gems that can be found within Pearl Necklace that match the high instrumental standards that have been set. The meaning that is displayed throughout every song puts Limp Bizkit, and their bid to keep on Rollin’, to shame.

Each track has elements of a stadium rock finesse that gives an epic touch to what appears to be an under-produced album. A Pearl Necklace For Her Majesty is something Pearl Jam would be proud of, a two and a half minute moment of a pure grunge anthem that doesn’t have the words “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in it.

This band, to put it lightly, are crazy. It’s purely amazing how much ground one band can cover and Colour Of Fire are definitely ambitious. With their inventive slant on every rock-related genre under the sun, it’s no wonder that the band have been compared to At The Drive In. Pearl necklaces are valuable to some but this album is more valuable to anyone with ears than any type of jewellery. A must-buy.

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Colour Of Fire – Pearl Necklace