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Crocodiles – Endless Flowers

(Souterrain Transmissions) UK release date: 11 June 2012

What the world needs now is love, sweet love… oh actually, scratch that. What the world needs now is more clattering noise pop records that sound like The Jesus & Mary Chain. And not The Jesus & Mary Chain as imagined by narcissists who wear horrible all-white outfits and bang on about their daddy issues (yes, Glasvegas, we remember you) but a band that knows how to offer up a little bit of twisty humour with their squall.

Step forward Crocodiles. Oh boys, you’re probably bored of being told you sound like The Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & The Bunnymen and Spacemen 3 by now; your Wikipedia entry gets those references into the very first paragraph. But from moment one of Endless Flowers, with its Phil-Spector-trapped-in-a-phonebox drums and stoned philosophy student lyrics, you’re back hammering that template into beautiful shape. “I feel like I’m lost in space…” We know the feeling chap. We know the feeling.

How can you not love a record that includes a song called My Surfing Lucifer? You can’t. You actually can’t. If you like any of those bands referenced above, you should love this record. It has TUNES and it ROCKS. Yes, the capitals are necessary. We need to shout to be heard over the feedback buzz, the slicing guitars, the tambourine nightmares. It’s a sweet little package to punch away the gloomy black clouds in geosynchronous orbit around your head. Endless Flowers is the sound of a band just stretching out and enjoying its talent.

Sure you could batter Crocodiles with a stick made of “You Are Derivative” but let us file those objections in the massive waste disposal unit on which we have hung the sign reading “Who Gives A Clattering Fuck?”. Fun records with good songs and a coherent sound are as rare as TV shows that don’t feature Z-list celebrities bleating endlessly about their tedious lives. Endless Flowers has fists full of excellent ideas and is quite willing to punch you in the face with them.

Stand out tracks? The Berlin-coke-psychosis of the aforementioned My Surfing Lucifer, the hallucinatory Bubble Gum Trash and the straight up, amphetamine-off-a-toilet-cistern sounds of Dark Alleys. But the truth is, this is a really good record from the start of opening track Endless Flowers to the final spluttering out of You Are Forgiven. At 10 tracks, Endless Flowers gets in, does what it does best and gets out again, leaving a stunning corpse with beautiful cheek bones. You need some Crocodiles in your life. Those teeth mean you no harm and hell, they come with more realistic expectations than love.

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