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Cubic Space Division – Cubic Space Division

(Undergroove) UK release date: 10 November 2003

Cubic Space Division - Cubic Space Division So far, Kent four-piece Cubic Space Division have been causing positive noises around the rock fraternity. According to some, their self-titled debut album is about the blow the UK metal scene into another level. Even ignoring this hype from the metal magazines, there could well be some substance to that claim.

Red Shift tumbles the album into motion with a “nice” guitar riff before the screaming begins. Fortunately the melodies hold firm; it’s enough to prevent you switching off after one track and it’s a damn sight better than The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Higher State is a fantastic incoherent rant; there’s grungy speed and devastating power in the music and it sits masterfully next to the melodic Bohemian Grove. The song shows why Cubic Space Division have been likened to Tool, although the predominant vocal style (screaming) suggests a closer link to a band like American Head Charge. The song also hints at a disjointed side to Cubic Space Division, as Bohemian Grove could well be chopped into at least three separate (albeit short) songs.

As heavy metal albums progress I tend to crave a bit of a break. While it doesn’t initially appear that Per Se will present this, the song eventually delivers. Yes, the systematic crushing drums, guitars and vocals are still there but there’s some actual singing intertwined in the track. Camber continues this theme with a flowing song complete with a Chevelle-like riff and very British vocals.

This serves to put the band?s lyrics under scrutiny as they are finally decipherable and, to be honest, they aren’t exactly stimulating. Which probably explains why the band return to their tried and tested routine at the end of Camber.

A Plane Without Surface introduces a softer element to Cubic Space Division’s portfolio; it’s almost an idyllic System Of A Down style “ballad”. It works as an effective demonstration of the foursome’s versatility and highlights the impressive talent of bassist Olly Craggs who shines through on the album. Unfortunately, instead of the track ending with this vibe it descends into an unnecessary minute or so of loudness.

If you like the loud music thing then Cubic Space Division are the band for you and you should give this album a go. But steer clear if you’re halfway unsure about heavy metal – this group are not for the faint of heart.

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Cubic Space Division – Cubic Space Division