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Dananananaykroyd – There Is A Way

(Pizza College) UK release date: 13 June 2011

Dananananaykroyd have not acquired a cult following just because of their fun-but-utterly-annoying-and-infuriating-to-type-properly name. Their sound, combining elements of urgent and frenetic indie pop and heavy guitar chords at a time before anyone had heard of the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses, as well as their live reputation, have won them a loyal army.

Following on from 2009’s Hey Everyone! is sophomore effort There Is A Way, which is being released on their own label Pizza College, and continues where they left off; making songs that are reminiscent of the songcraft of Los Campesinos! but with the amplified energy of Future Of The Left. The formula may not have changed massively but the energy and enthusiasm is what makes this white-knuckle ride so enjoyable. Elements of Dananananaykroyd’s signature moves have been done before by others, sometimes more successfully. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find something half as fun.

The best song, Think And Feel, is the only one that deviates from their tried-and-tested method. On this the band’s rhythm section is operating at its funkiest and the hooks take on a new sense of urgency because of it. It’s not a radical new direction but it’s a satisfying one nonetheless. Tracks like Muscle Memory and All Us Authors also have a clarity about them, perhaps the result of a small increase in their recording budget this time around, yet they still manage to capture their raw and slightly unhinged playing style.

Doubts that it’s all a bit samey are washed away by rather good tunes. Reboot is a supercharged opener that starts off steady before turning into a frenetic, all-over-the-place frenzy of shouting and chanting. Time Capsule’s catchy refrain is underpinned by an even more harmonious spidery guitar melody. Good Time alternates between breck-neck verses and slow, chugging choruses. They all might happily sit alongside older material like Black Wax and Some Dresses, but it’s all very consistent; a key reason why Dananananaykroyd records are worth paying attention to.

Providing they tour as relentlessly as they did with their debut it’s reasonable to assume that their fanbase will be getting a whole lot bigger off the back of There Is A Way. Their animated and excited approach is infectious. Their boisterous attitude might annoy some, but they are well-armed with a cohesive set of songs. This is a fun indie pop record that will not change anyone’s lives but will get you bouncing off walls very easily.

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