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Danko Jones – Never Too Loud

(Bad Taste) UK release date: 12 January 2009

Black Sabbath before tracing the lineage of stoner rock to the present day by including vocals from Pete Stahl (Wool, Scream and Goatsnake) and John Garcia (Kyuss). A blissful romp through a slow grinding and melodic slab of riffage Forest for the Trees makes this an album worth checking out on its own.

Sadly, the glorious mellow mood is soon broken as the band head back to slightly more raucous fare. Having played their hand so brilliantly with Forest For The Trees it all feels like nothing less than disappointment. The worst moment comes on final track Never Too Loud, which some unknown reason starts off like a cover of

Bon Jovi‘s Bad Medicine. It’s practically impossible to take this sincere love letter to the joys of rock seriously after that. In the case of this track, if you can hear it at all, then it probably is too loud.

Danko Jones then. Provider of cheap thrills, cheap pills, and the odd one night knee trembler (if your tits, ass, and legs fit the bill). This is an album that will never last the ages, but for a bit of a quick fumble for fun, you can’t go far wrong.

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