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David Ford – Songs For The Road

(Independiente) UK release date: 15 October 2007

Singer/songwriter is a term of much caution and scepticism. The balance is as precautious as they come and David Ford is shaking nervously between James Blunt and Bright Eyes. The latter being the most positive of course.

The opening string orchestral sound may immediately cling onto your softer side, but to sit down with just you, a piano or guitar, and a fragile backing singing about a such a complex as love, then you have to be damn good to pull it off. The result can be hero status, or having your name rhymed with a rather offensive word.

David Ford was originally in the indie rock group Easyworld, and when they broke up he immediately started to do intimate solo gigs. Songs For The Road is the follow up to his self recorded debut, I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I’ve Caused.

Despite having an epic, forceful voice, Ford is balancing like a man that’s had 6 pints taking a drink-drive test. With songs such as I’m Alright Now he may well get off, but it’s down right risky. We’ve all been there, left hurt by the ex, turned to over indulgence and felt pretty down for several weeks.

One can relate to words such as “Maybe I lost my sense of direction, but I’m alright now, every man needs a little affection”. It tugs at your insides and puts a smile on your face, but it could wear off at any moment, losing its effect like a mad evening throwing shapes on LSD.

The title track is a beautiful love song, backed by fluttering crescendo piano playing which is a dominate feature of the album. It is decorated with delicate, sensitive sounding notes and perfectly placed key changes, layered with deep thinking, complex lyrics.

But stumbling and falling the positive effect of the record could end in liberation, or being thrown into the same pit as others guilty of producing cringe worthy lyrics. Whilst there are some well compiled love songs on here, lyrics such as “sing along when your hearts finishing bleeding” make him trip into Blunt territory.

The graceful sound and the pleasant link to the mind of Ford may channel your feelings for a time, but it will be sent gushing and splashing, before settling and evaporating into the air. There are only so many love songs one can take in half an hour, making you feel the same way as when that clingy couple won’t take their hands off each other in public.

The positive elements of this album won’t last long. The album that initially promises so much will be left on the shelf, gathering dust with insignificance.

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