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Debris Inc – Debris Inc

(tom day) UK release date: 4 April 2005

Saint Vitus and Trouble are without a doubt, two of the most influential metal bands in the world ever, period. They were the sort bands who commanded such respect that everyone from James Hetfield (Metallica) Kirk Windstein (Crowbar) and Phil Anselmo (Pantera) would go and watch them play. When said musicians picked up their own instruments one could hear (unsurprisingly) more than just a touch of Vitus’ Doomy brutality or Trouble’s epic riffage shining through.

Many years and even more pints later and two of the creative geniuses from each band have united to form another strangely unique, though I suspect not to be quite as influential, group. Debris Inc is the brainchild of former Saint Vitus guitarist Dave Chandler who, along with Ron Holzner (who contributed his nimble fingered bass work to Trouble‘s tapestry), seems intent on taking his passion back to its most raw, brutal and unrefined.

Consisting of 17 tracks of pure distorted noise and stoner fuzz, their self-titled debut will no doubt bring a smile to the face of many a grey-haired rocker who can remember the good old days before a haircut and artwork was what got you signed. F**king Mess could indeed be a angry nod in said ‘manufactured’ direction, underpinned by some truly awesome bass lines – this number is Motorhead after one too many.

Not many tracks touch on either of the members’ previous achievements, but then again they’re not trying to. Debris Inc seems far from an attempt to relive past glories, and it’s not a super group scenario. Rather, this is straight-up, unadulterated trashy punk rock, probably best enjoyed under the influence of Jack Daniels, a bong, or whatever these boys have been on for the past few decades.

There are however plenty of tracks that Henry Rollins would’ve even vetoed from early Black Flag albums. Shut Up and Dime-a-Dozen are two such – sub-minute blasts of the rawest, least tuneful ‘music’ (and I use that term loosely) I’ve heard in many moons. Full of Sh*t is ironically one of the more enlightened moments on the record with yet more bass wizardy courtesy of Holzner.

It’s not groundbreaking and I don’t think it’ll sell a huge amount, but, in the same way the Godfather is allowed to do whatever the heck he wants, these guys have earned the right to put out whatever the heck the want. They might’ve protected their ‘coolness’ and integrity if they’d stayed at home, but they certainly wouldn’t have had as much fun, and fun it seems is what Debris Inc is built upon. Plus a few shots of Jack!

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Debris Inc – Debris Inc