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Die Young – Graven Images

(Alveran) UK release date: 2 April 2007

Die Young TX - Graven Images “Bow to your masters malevolent, Challenge their control and you shall repent. They possess the means of production, The fruits of your labour, the moments of all our lives.” From the outset, it’s clear that Die Young aren’t merely another bunch of hardcore thugs raising their fists ins defiance of imaginary enemies; this is anger focused and precise, cutting through a much maligned and introspective scene and tackling weighty issues with dexterity.

Playing out with a host of socio-political rants, Graven Images not just chuggy run of the mill hardcore, there is a solid punk (in the old school Black Flag way) foundation in there too. The Rev White Devil’s (yes, they have a sense of humour) vocals are filled with raspy rage as he spits furious condemnation of society as it stands, and demands change.

Hailing from Texas, they are perhaps as diametrically opposed to their primary statesman as one could hope to be, and as if we were in any doubt; Fuck The Imperialists hammers the point home with bludgeoning force though I doubt it will be playing in the oval office speakers any time soon.

Title track Graven Images is the both the most visionary and scathing track on the album, as the vocals scream; “Fair Christian, I too await the day on earth when the meek shall reign. But for now, as we serve the snakes, who will deliver the justice you crave?”.

Taking a more than slightly unsympathetic view of western Christianity’s ignorance to the principles of its own saviour, the gang vocal chant of; “Your Saviour died for nothing, didn’t he?!” begs to be blasted down every Wal-Mart aisle in the Bible belt, leaving TV preachers and Jesus salesmen quaking in their patent leather shoes.

Desperate Hope and In Limbo verge on the truly experimental for a hardcore band, two minute of breaks of instrumental feedback and melody; like a brief tribute to Isis. The subsequent Lonely At The Top is a four to the floor start/stop mosh anthem and The Dying Atheist is an upbeat call for solidarity among idealistic youth worldwide.

If you are seeking the easy accessibility of Hatebreed, the raspy vocals and ultra short songs might put you off somewhat, this is true hardcore; fast, furious and much more punk than metal. However, if you’re desperate for music that will fir you up while challenging your outlook no matter your spiritual, ethical or political views, then this is probably the best album you’ll buy for months.

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Die Young – Graven Images