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Dimitri From Paris & DJ Muro – Super Disco Friends

(Headphone Hero's) UK release date: 28 November 2005

There is only one album you need this season. So ditch the Egg Nogg, soggy sausage rolls and prepare to serve up some full-on festive funk courtesy of the most kick-ass album of the year – Super Disco Friends.

The infamous Dimitri from Paris and the lesser known Japanese DJ Muro, are the two buddies whose love of disco, rare groove and funk has produced this absolutely excellent double CD album, which is guaranteed to make every one of your Xmas party guests want to get down and boogie.

Dimitri’s CD – The Underdogs – pays homage to old school DJ Godfathers and takes you on a Grand Master Flash-esque discography. The first record to hit the turntables is TJ Swann’s Get Fly, a booming invitation to get up and dance with its hip-hop rap lyrics and disco undertones. Other top tracks include Symbol 8’s I Thought You Wanted To Dance, with its smooth disco flair and break beats; the bongos and full falsetto hollering on Dancing Free are also pretty fly, as are the screaming trumpets on Paul Cacia’s Saved By Your Love, but my favourite track by far is Spartacus‘ Mother Sucker, mainly for the conviction to its audacious lyrics.

DJ Muro was one of Japan’s first hip-hop DJ’s and his CD – The Foundation – is replete with lost block party classics – rare diamonds that you wish you had heard before. Deep impacting tracks included the simple lyrics, 80s synths and pop keyboards of Steve Arrington‘s Nobody Can Be You. Other notable tracks include Everybody Here Must Party by Direct Current, a saucy disco anthem that will see even the most recalcitrant dancer tapping a toe or two. The tooting trumpets and booty shaking Latino beats on Sweet Summer Suite, by the Love Unlimited Orchestra are also pretty inspirational as is the unexpected inclusion of violin playing on Frisco Disco by the pulsing East Side Connection.

An impressive sample which sounds like the whole of a Latin American football stadium getting to their feet and chanting, will also have you paying attention to The In Search Of Orchestra‘s Phenomena Theme . And the priceless inclusion of Agent Double O Soul, Edwin Starr‘s Motown classic I Just Wanna Do My Thing, also helps to cement this album as really something extra-ordinary.

If I had to criticise this mix – and I really don’t want to – I would say that it can get a wee bit samey, mutating into monotonous drunk funk. However it’s still one of the finest rare party jams I have ever heard and is a wicked collaboration between these two colossuses.

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