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DJ Tracy Young – White Party 2003: Flash Back Fast Forward

UK release date: 9 December 2003

A relative unknown on our fine shores, Tracy Young has been working her ass off in the States for the past few years gaining plenty of kudos along the way. Her unique blend of dance varies from the Latino-infested to pop remixes, all with one common result: quite sublime music.

The fast paced opening to Flash Back Fast Forward is reminiscent of Delirium‘s Silence and has a subtle Latin influence which mixes straight into That Feeling. A slightly more back-room vibe is the order here, with a strong Spanish voice speaking over the track.

Rapido, as its name would suggest, picks up the pace, with distorted bass and a powerful high tempo loop. Textbook stuff here, not especially brilliant but the brief is met with no punches pulled.

The “Flash Back” element of the album isn’t old school in nature, but is based on archived stuff. The remix of Gloria Estefan‘s Wrapped is electronically infested, utilising a drum machine to its full effects. The vocals take the track up a notch or two – for some reason dance music always has more potency when there are strong lyrics present.

Cyndi Lauper‘s Shine completes the cheesy-pop line-up on Flash Back Fast Forward, but be warned: the results aren?t what you would expect. This isn’t an amateur production and Lauper’s inclusion doesn’t detract but in fact enhances the clubland image of Tracy Young.

Some dance tracks are lost when you listen to the album on home hi-fi equipment. The Hum Melody Remixes Part 2 is one of these; the bass is enough to make your speakers rattle unhealthily, even at low volume. Don’t worry; before they get destroyed Feels So Hot begins with its Warp Bros quality, though minus the impressive bass.

Where other dance compilations flatter to deceive, Flash Back Fast Forward certainly doesn’t, maintaining strength and pace through the notoriously difficult middle grouping of songs. What does happen though is that the tracks blur into one. However that’s just a by-product of seamless production.

The lewd Sexercise welcomes you into the home straight of the album. It’s a delicious song encompassing a beginners guide to foreplay and a rather graphic depiction of what it leads to. Shock factor aside it is actually one of the best tunes on this album.

So there it is, 13 tracks to dance your socks off to. While the mainstream may not embrace her, Tracy Young here proves her credibility and ability as one of the hottest disc jockeys around.

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DJ Tracy Young – White Party 2003: Flash Back Fast Forward